Diego Bonaudo

Diego Bonaudo

Medical Surgeon Dentist, Mentor for Surgical Implant Nobel Protocol assisted by DTX studio implants and simulation software for processing of files DICOM 3 (Dicom Dir) originated from equipment Fan Beam and Cone Beam

A freelance dental surgeon at private health care facilities. The passion for implants/ prosthetics has allowed him to develop and implement his knowledge and expertise in aesthetic and functional rehabilitative dentistry. The latest generation of Cad/Cam System software is used for aesthetic all-ceramic restorations and for implant surgery. SW, the latest generation software like IMPLANT 3D 7.0 and Nobel Clinician sw as Implant 3D 7.0 Nobel Clinician and now DTX Studio Implant. Doctor Certified Invisalign adult, Invisalign Teen since 2001, using sw Invisalign Clean Check for the Set-up, design and pre-visualization of the final result of orthodontic treatment.

  • Graduated in medicine and surgery (MD)Registration #2304 Register of Doctors and Surgeons at the dentist’s registry in Turin.
  • Specialization:Maxillofacial surgery. Scuola Medica Ospedaliera di Roma e Reg. Lazio.
  • Masters in Oral PathologyClinica Universitar-ia di Torino Chair Prof. S. Gandolfo.
  • Masters in dental implant surgeryUniversità Vita Salute s.Raffaele and Milan Prof. A. Bianchi.
  • – Master in Aesthetic Medicine in Dentistrya. 2015-2016. UNITO Oncology Department, school of specialization in dental and Surgery. Hospital San Luigi Orbassano Dir. Prof Sergio Gandolfo
  • Post-Graduate Course“Advanced Implant Therapy and Bone Regeneration”; Course director: Prof. A. E. Bianchi; The Zimmer Institute Simulated Patient Laboratory, Winterthur. Do.Excel Zimmer Institute, Zurigo
  • Post-graduate course“New technologies in dental aesthetics”, Sirona Training Center; Bensheim, Germany, 2003.
  • Post-graduate course“Materials and new technologies in dentistry” at Ivoclar Center Institute; Lichtenstein, 2004.
  • Post-Graduate Course“Anatomy surgical bays applied to bone grafts” Université de Paris Descartes
  • Post-Graduate Course“Semester Theoretical Practical Periodontics” 2016 Prof. Giampiero Massei
  • BTI Biotechnology Institute, SL Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava) Spain “Live surgery planning with sw.BTI Scan III”, October 2018
  • Confirmation VITA ZAHNFABRIK, Bad Sackingen (5 dicembre 2018)


Communication skills

  • Visiting Center Ray-Set System “ready to load” from 2005 to 2012
  • Visiting Center KLS Martin Group for advanced dental surgery from 2008.
  • Visiting Center Nobel Biocare software surgery systems assisted by 2012.
  • Speaker Educational & Training CAD-CAM System and computer-assisted surgery for dentistry using SW. Implant 3D and SW Nobel Clinician at private outpatient facilities.
  • Speaker for CAD-CAM System in aesthetic dentistry and all-ceramic restorations in numerous conferences in Italy and abroad.
  • Speaker for computer-assisted surgery systems in many conferences in Italy and abroad.
  • Beta Tester for Cerec 3D and InLab 3D software from 2003 to 2006.
  • Certified TrainerInternational Society of Computerized Dentistry, CAD-CAM System from 2003 to 2006.
  • Visiting Center“BTI Certificate Centre” for the use of PRGF (Endoret)


Organizational and managerial skills

CMOV Srl in Turin. Courses and Live Surgery events for clinicians and ONE-TO-ONE courses.


Professional skills

  • Responsible for quality control at CMOV srl
  • Years of experience in the dental profession, with special dedication to aesthetic dentistry, all-ceramic restorations, complex prosthetic rehabilitation, periodontal and implant surgery.
  • Adjunct Professor at the Università Federico II di Napoli, Master course “Prosthetic and Lab Tecnology”, Chair Prof. E.Epifania, (a.a. 2005/06)
  • Adjunct Professor of the department of Bio-physical, Medical and Odontostomatological Sciences and Technologies, Medical School, UNIGE Chair Prof. Paolo E. Mangiante, Postgraduate University Master “aesthetics and function in Implantology”. (a.a. ACC. 2007/2008).
  • Adjunct Professor of the Faculty of medicine and surgery department of Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences (DISC) at UNIGE. Master degree in IMPLANT denistry- (a.a. 2011-2012)
  • Professore a contratto presso UNIGE Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia Dip. di Protesi Dentaria e Implantologia – Master Universitario di II Livello in IMPLANTOPROTESI – per l’aa. accademico 2015-2016
  • Clinical Collaboration for the development of the Guided Surgery sw assisted by Exacta implant system (La Spezia) aa. 2005-2012
  • MENTOR Nobel Biocare, Guided Surgery sw assisted method by NOBEL since 2012 to 2019


Computer skills

  • Mastery of Microsoft Office tools and Mac OS. Extensive knowledge on SW and ORIS Management software for dental activities;
  • Diagnostic radiology programs: SW, Carestream and Sidexis.
  • SW, CAD-CAM software system, Cerec 3D 4.3 for dental offices and all-ceramics chair-side restorations.
  • SW, CAD-CAM software system, Inlab 3D 4.2 for dental laboratories and core design in zirconium, SW, InLab 3D
  • SW, Implant 3D Protocol “Ray Set ready to load”
  • SW Nobel Clinician, Nobel protocol for surgery implants software
  • SW DTX Studio Implant latest generation for protocol prosthetically guided software assisted by Nobel Biocare 2018/2019


  • Gold Provider “for advancement in the field of Orthodontics for adolescent patients” (a.a. 2012 and a.a 2013)
  • Gold Provider “for advancement in the field of orthodontics for adolescent patients”. AA. 2014 a.a. 2015
  • Gold Provider “for advancement in the field of orthodontics for adult patients”. a.a 2016, a.a. 2017, ay 2018
  • BTI BIOTECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE AWARD “Seal of Quality Insurance 2015” and grants the status of “BTI Recognized Centre” Centro Medico Odontoiatrico Verolengo srl. In recognition of training, use of medical devices and application of ENDORET (PRGF) TECHNOLOGY in the specific field of implantology.



  • S.C.D. International Journal of Computerized Dentistry D. Bonaudo; D. Boschis; Single-Session implant supported chairside restoration of tooth 35 with a titanium/zirconium abutment and an all-ceramic crown using an immediate loading protocol. Follow-up 44 months. Volume 12 Number 2/2009
  • Quintessence Int. D. Bonaudo; G. RubinoA 5 year follow-up of restorations in single tooth of immediate loading and the use of a modern diagnostic approach using computer-assisted surgery software. (a.a. April 26-June 2010) # 2
  • Quintessence Int. Special Implantology D. Bonaudo ; L. Colleoni; G.P. Rubino;The Ray Set procedure for deferred and immediate load implantology 24th-year n° 5 bis 2008, September/October.
  • Quintessence Int. Special Implantology D. Bonaudo; C. Raimondo; G.P. Rubino;Clini-cally relevant, scientifically based “treatment of a single tooth with CAD-CAM technology for an immediate load”, 2008 Janu-ary/February
  • I.S.C.D. Journal International Journal of Computerized Dentistry D. Bonaudo; C. RaimondoSingle Tooth Restorative Treatment. September/October 2006
  • Co-author “Dental technician lab manual” 2009, 2nd ed. Franco Lucisano.Vocational secondary schools’ manual for the industry and craft sector.
  • Co-author of “Atlas Manual surgical implan-tology and implants” AA.VV.
  • 1° Edition(aa. 2006); Biaggini Medical Devices.
  • 2° Edition(aa. 2008); Biaggini Medical Devices.
  • 3° Edition(aa 2010); Biaggini Medical Devices
  • 4° Edition(aa. 2012); Biaggini Medical Devices.
  • 5th edition (academic year 2013); Biaggini Medical Devices


Conference Participation

  • INTERNATIONAL Cerec Symposium Berlin 2006Poster: Aesthetic contentment of patient in a single treatment session. D.Bonaudo; E. Epifania;A. Sartor; March 17-18, 2006
  • INTERNATIONAL Cerec Symposium Berlin 2006POSTER: Multiple all-ceramics restorations with feldspar, onlay and inlay, in the lower left quadrant in a single treatment session. Bonaudo; E. Epifania; C. Raimondo; March 17-18, 2006
  • SICO National Congress-Riccione 2007POSTER Immediate Loading of a Full Arch Restoration by computer-guided Implant surgery. Diego Bonaudo. October 4-5, 2007
  • I.C.O.I. INT. CONGRESS Pisa 2007Poster: Case report-Immediate Loading of a full arch inferior restoration by computer-assisted Implant surgery. Diego Bonaudo. E. Epifania; D.Boschis; L. Colleoni; 2007, 12-13 October
  • I.C.O.I. Int. CONGRESS Pisa 2007Poster: Case report- A predictable immediate load implant in a single session.
  • Nobel Biocare SYMPOSIUM-Rimini October 14, 2014Poster “Immediate load implant treatment of a single tooth”
  • Italian society of Oral and Maxillofacial Ra-diology July 13-14, 2015Congress President: Prof. S.D. Bianchi, Dental School, Turin “Assisted multidisciplinary planning software for implant prosthetic rehabilitation.” “CLINICAL EXPERIENCES”
  • Cina Hospital n° 1 Wuhu 11 nov 2016:Poster “How on a daily basis the digital world can help the dentist using immediate implant loading protocol to restorative dental in a single session Lecture
  • Shanghai 12 nov 2016:Poster “How on a daily basis the digital world can help the dentist using immediate implant loading protocol to restorative dental in a single session Lecture
  • Istituto Stomatologico Toscano di Viareggio speaker at the “2nd level Master in Computer-assisted Implant Surgery” 2016-2017; 2018-2019
  • Speaker in many conferences in Italy and abroad


Memberships & associations

  • A.N.D.I. Member since 1997
  • A.I.O.C. Member (Italian Academy of Computerized Dentistry) Naples 2001-2005
  • Founding Member of G.I.C.C (CAD-CAM interdisciplinary gymnasium) Bologna registered office: Studio Nove Archi a.a 2011