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Bonaudo Odontoiatric Clinic

Our attention is constantly related to the care of the patient with latest generated digitalized therapies

The Centro Medico Odontoiatrico Verolengo was founded in 1990 in Turin with the aim of providing modern and efficient diagnostic and therapeutic services for the health of gums and teeth.

Special attention is given to the prevention of oral hygiene in children and adults, to technological innovations in support of clinical methods, to functionality and aesthetics, and to a healthy working environment for us and our patients.

In Turin, in Via Verolengo n° 121

Diego Bonaudo MD DDS at the dental clinic CMOV SRL

Our passion for the implant and prosthetic sector has allowed us to develop and implement knowledge and competence in aesthetic and functional rehabilitation dentistry. Our added value in the profession is represented by diagnosis and 3D prosthetic implant rehabilitation planning with SW for an accurate diagnosis and a longer preventable prognosis.

Also, the growing demand by patients for short-term therapies without compromising aesthetics, and the evolution of surgical techniques and dental restorations has increased the interest of developing therapeutic procedures that are safe for a immediate functional loading on implants.



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