Painless Digitalized Dental Therapies

Bonaudo Odontoiatric Clinic

Immediate and deferred loading of dental implants

Dentures are an outdated solution for those who have lost some or all of their teeth. Unfortunately, the removable prosthesis can be painful, annoying and uncomfortable. This type of prosthesis makes it difficult to chew various foods, which stops patients from eating the foods that they like. Dentures can also alter the articulation of words, therefore the way you speak.

Dental implants are devices which aim at functionally replacing tooth roots in patients, with a high degree of predictability and 94% success-rate. Such devices are made up of biocompatible materials; implants are well-accepted by the human body and a good hygiene routine ensures them good longevity rates. Among the plus of implant-based restoration we find the possibility to replace one or more single teeth lost due to traumatic events or periodontal desease; implants can also serve as support for prosthesis in edentulous patients. One among the key plus of implant-based prosthesis is the possibility to maintain the hard-tissue volume of the adjacent bone, thanks to the stimulation represented by the masticatory forces. The design and materials involved in dental implants ensure stability and comfort for a wide array of restoration treatment possibilities. Healty teeth are a key element for the patient well-being. Some of our patients tell us that they started to live again after the treatment. At CMOV Srl you will be able to access the latest and most advanced implant solutions. Several possibilities are available for the single patient. Suchs solutions will help you in improving the quality of of your well-being, allowing you to chew and speak properly, helping you regaining your self-esteem and encouraging you to re-discover the food you love.



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