Painless Digitalized Dental Therapies

Bonaudo Odontoiatric Clinic

Diode laser treatments in dentistry

Diode laser treatments are useful in oral surgery, periodontal treatments (tooth supporting tissues), and Endodontics (root canal treat-ment). They are capable of creating precision cuts in gingiva and other soft tissues while also eliminating bleeding at the site (hemostatic agent) and reducing the healing time for the patient. Soft tissue lasers are also ideal for troughing around preparations, sterilizing endodontic canals, treating periodontal disease and tooth whitening. Biostimulation based tools reduce post-surgical pain symptoms, and the use of low-power laser on wounds during the postoperative phase appears to influence the behavior of the repair process. An example of treatment: excision of cavernous angioma in the oral cavity healed after 20 days.



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