Painless Digitalized Dental Therapies

Bonaudo Odontoiatric Clinic

Dental software

The computer has become an indispensable tool in modern medical practice. It’s used to collect personal data and complete patients’ medical history. It also makes it possible to interact between various professionals and dentists with ease. Practice management software helps generate charting treatment plans, schedule appointments, manage patient recall, and customize payment plans in a quick and effective way.

Another indisputable advantage, thanks to the dental CAD-CAM system, is the ability to provide complete or partial dental crown restorations in a single outpatient surgery.
Sophisticated software for the design of crowns or inlays combined with very precise milling systems are associated with computer numerical control systems for immediate restorations in the mouth. The use of the latest adhesive techniques allows you to obtain a desirable esthetic result in a timely manner on the patient’s first visit.



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