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Nowadays, the esthetic and functional needs of a person are seen as a crucial part of one's well-being and relational possibilities.

Such context makes any period with missing teeth, expecially in the so-called Esthetic Area, highly opposed by the patient.

Bonaudo Odontoiatric Clinic


CMOV clinic represents the best solution for those patients who look for fast treatment options with functional and esthetic requirements.In these last years, instruments like the CAD-CAM System for immediate prosthetics treatments, and DTX STUDIO IMPLANT for immediate and delayed implant placement procedures, have become fundamental for key clinical phases like diagnosis, planning and communication with the patient. Such resources are widely used by thousands of clinicians worldwide.

At CMOV clinic innovative diagnostic procedures (TAC/CBCT) and cutting-edge conservative treatments are performed on patients on a daily basis, by highly qualified and trained personnel. Our Staff takes part to continuing education international programmes, and exploits several years of clinical training in Universities and Hospitals.

Our team of nurses and assistants supports the activity of our clinicians, counting on a strong education and training background concerning clinical assistance and sterilization management, key elements aimed at erasing any potetial cross-contamination risk.Our aim is to amaze you.Welcome!



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